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Water Treatment Installation, Repairs & Service by Angle Stop Plumbing

More than one hundred years, folks have always talked about water problems no matter the source. Whether it be homes on a private well experiencing water that smells like rotten eggs, or water that is staining their showers, toilets and sinks to the folks that are supplied with municipal water who deal with exceptionally hard water that dries their skin during a shower or taste bad from higher-than-expected chlorine levels.


The fact is, no matter the source, water becomes contaminated. If you have a private well, the lack of care for our environment has contaminated soil, those contaminants leach into ground water sources often extracted by pumps that supply water wells. On city water? Guess what, your water is tested at the water treatment plant before it is shipped to your property through miles of pipe, that pipe can be made of plastics, steel or even brick lined. Over the years those pipes build up contaminants that affect the water quality by the time it reaches your home or business. With just a little understanding of how water reaches the fixtures in our homes or businesses can provide clarity why water problems have existed for so long.


The big question, how can you provide quality water to your family or business? The answer, a quality water treatment system designed for your home or business by Angle Stop Plumbing. We design systems from basic concerns such as water filtration to remove sediment all the way to advanced systems that not only filter the incoming water, but also treat the water so its not so harsh on your skin.


The key with water filtration, every home or business is not the same, each property and its occupants have differing requirements for water, therefore a custom water solution is a must, such as those provided by Angle Stop Plumbing.

Water Treatment Questions? Give Us a Call Today (615) 398-3048.

Water Softeners & Salt-Free Water Softeners

Things to consider before investing in a water treatment system:


  • Record the current problems you are experiencing with your water, such as dry skin, staining of toilets, sinks, taste bad and much more. Get the input from all the occupants, the more input the better prepared you will be when seeking a solution.

  • Next, consider a water test to identify and confirm your thoughts on the water quality being delivered to your fixtures. Ask your Angle Stop Plumbing representative about a FREE water quality test.

  • Finally, identify a water treatment system that will correct the deficiencies in your home or business water source. It’s important to understand, regarding water treatment there is no such thing as “One Size Fit All”. Those folks that believe a solution worked for their neighbor’s property will work in their property will be setup for disappointment. Your Angle Stop Plumbing representative can review the different water treatment solutions to accommodate your property.


The Benefits from Water Treatment:


  • Improved Drinking Water

  • Moisturized & Softer Skin

  • Improved Life Expectancy of Fixtures & Appliances

  • Improved Energy Cost

  • Minimize Soap & Detergent Usage

A water treatment system can begin with water filtration such as those found in refrigerators, to employing many devices such as whole home cartridge filters that target specific contaminants, to soft water systems that utilize salt pellets, or even the newest technology with no-salt water softeners, to having a bacteria guard, or toxin guards, iron guards, acid guards and much more to achieve a quality water solution for your property. A properly designed water treatment system by Angle Stop Plumbing will address the contamination that affects your home or businesses water source.


Looking for great drinking water, be sure to ask your representative about our Reverse Osmosis system that can be easily tucked away under any sink.

Safe Drinking Water

Whole House Filtration
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