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Middle Tennessee Water Heater Services by Angle Stop Plumbing

Water heaters are often forgotten, that is until we experience a cold shower. When this happens, having a quality, experienced water heater plumber like Angle Stop Plumbing on speed dial is critical in getting your hot water heater repaired quickly. When a water heater need arises, such as a water heater repair, water heater maintenance, water heater replacement, or you are looking to be proactive with a simple water heater service call the experts at Angle Stop Plumbing stand ready to serve you, your family or business.

Hot Water Heater Emergency Service


Hot Water Heater Down? Make The Call!

Minimize hot water heater downtime by contacting Angle Stop Plumbing Today!

Keep The Hot Water Flowing

Routine hot water heater maintenance is a proactive measure homeowners can take to minimize cold showers, schedule your hot water heater service online by booking now!

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Angle Stop Plumbing Water Heater Services


Water heater issues can originate from many different areas, such as worn parts from long-term use, broken or failed parts such as a bad water heater element, a bad water heater thermocouple, bad water heater thermostat or a bad water heater gas control valve. Water heaters that have been around for a year or more will experience sediment buildup that will accelerate water heater corrosion if not properly removed and shorten the life expectancy of the water heater. Depending on the manufacturer this could jeopardize the water heaters’ warranty. Not to worry, contact your local Angle Stop Plumbing professional for efficient, knowledgeable water heater services.


Common Water Heater Problems:


  • Water Smells

  • Water is not heating

  • Hot water is running out too fast

  • Water is extremely hot

  • Leaking T&P valve

  • Leaking drain valve

  • Smelling gas (Sulfur Smell) – Shut off gas immediately.

  • Pilot will not stay lit

  • Pilot will not light at all

  • Smelling burnt fuel, exhaust odor

  • Water leaking from bottom of hot water heater

  • Hearing weird sounds

  • Increased utility bill

  • Sporadic shutdown

Are you currently experiencing any of these issues? Make the call to your local Angle Stop Plumbing professional to discuss solutions today.

Angle Stop Plumbing has invested numerous hours in completing manufactures recommended training, permitting Angle Stop Plumbing to become your authorized service provider "ASP" with many of these manufacturers. Why is this important? Great question, technicians certified by the manufacturer are qualified to service your water heater in accordance with manufacturers recommendation to maintain your water heaters warranty.


Water Heater Brands Serviced by Angle Stop Plumbing:

Traditional or Conventional Water Heater

Traditional/Conventional Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heaters

  • Rheem

  • Bosch

  • Eemax

  • Stiebel Eltron

  • Rinnai

  • Noritz

  • Navien

  • AO Smith

Hybrid or Heat Pump Water Heater

Hybrid/Heat Pump Water Heaters

Water heaters, just like every other appliance manufactured today, come in many styles, and types. Each type of water heater provides multiple benefits depending on your specific needs, and what you value in a water heater. We have summarized the most common types of water heaters available today, all serviced, installed or replaced by Angle Stop Plumbing, your local Middle Tennessee plumbing experts.


Traditional/Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater: Out of all the water heaters this would be considered the most common water heater, water is heated using either electric elements or a gas burner. Traditional water heaters vary in size, they come as small as 18 gallons all the way up to 119 gallons. Something to consider with traditional water heaters is the storage capacity to ensure adequate hot water supply when the occupants need it, particularly when multiple showers are in use. Traditional water heaters are well known for the economical cost during the installation process.


Tankless Water Heaters: Relatively new to the US market, however, they have been around for a while, predominantly used in other countries such as Europe. Tankless, the key benefit is because there is no storage tank where water has time to cool, then a thermostat makes a request to reheat when temperature falls below minimum requirement, even when hot water is not requested by the occupants. Tankless heaters only consume energy when the occupants request hot water by turning a faucet on, ultimately saving energy cost by heating only the water when occupants request by turning a faucet on. Tankless heaters typically come with a higher installation cost, however, the intent with tankless water is the lower energy cost, and rather than replacing the entire water heater when a part fails, the part that is compromised is replaced eliminating the need for a large investment every 8 – 10 years.


Hybrid or Heat Pump Water Heater: When tankless is not an option, but you are seeking something to reduce energy cost while improving hot water availability, hybrid or heat pump water heaters can fulfill this need. Hybrid or heat pump water heaters do come with a higher installation investment; however, the energy savings can be significant over traditional water heaters, and often there are some federal incentives encouraging the investment.


There are other types of water heaters available for more specific needs, such as point of use, combination boilers, condensing water heaters, or solar water heaters contact Angle Stop Plumbing to learn more about their advantages.


Choosing a water heater, which one is right for you? Great question, Angle Stop Plumbing has outlined several items to consider when seeking a water heater replacement.


Cost: Is a lower upfront cost more feasible than a higher upfront cost with long-term utility savings?


Long-Term Return on Investment: Maybe a little more on the front end to capture long-term gains, this is something to consider considering the rising utility cost throughout Middle Tennessee.


Available Space: Do you have the space necessary to accommodate a large water heater, or are you interested in repurposing the existing water heater space?


Functionality: Would you like more control over your water heater, such as features to control its operation when you are on vacation, or to increase the temperature without the need to disassemble protective covers. The days of one style fits all is over, manufacturers have added Wifi enabled, permitting things like setting your water heater in vacation mode.


Energy Source: What energy sources are available at your home or business? If you have electric and natural gas available at your residential or commercial property, the options available to you are endless.


How Much Hot Water do you Need: Take some notes throughout a day, record things such as how many showers run simultaneously, is the washing machine running during shower times, are toilets flushed while showers are running, sounds crazy I know, however determining your water consumption at peak demands will permit Angle Stop Plumbing the ability to size your water heater appropriately. Something very important to us, because quite honestly, we do not want a call shortly after installation that you are running out of hot water.


Additional Options to Consider:


Hot Water Recirculation: Is the location of your water heater forbid hot water availability at the furthest fixture within thirty seconds? Does it seem like a lot of water is wasted to get hot water to the fixture? Speak to your Angle Stop Plumbing specialist about the possibility of a recirculation pump.


Leak Detection Shut Off: With water damage leading the Nation in property damage year after year, the installation of a leak detection shut off device can help minimize water loss in your property. Leak detection shut off devices can be monitored and controlled from your phone. Speak to your Angle Stop Plumbing Pro Plumber to learn more.


Descaler: Is your water supply known to have hard water? Hard water and water heaters do not mix, honestly hard water and any fixture do not mix. Hard water causes corrosion, and if not addressed it will shorten the lifespan of your water heater along with other water fixtures. If this is a common problem in your areas water supply, take some time to speak with your professional water heater specialist from Angle Stop Plumbing.

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