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Request Your Free Bible Today


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Angle Stop Plumbing Would Like You To Possess The Most Powerful Tool to Man, Request Your Bible Today.

The word of God, the most transformational book in circulation today, yet many folks may not have a copy. Requesting a copy from Angle Stop Plumbing today will change your life, upon a disciplined bible reading (10-15 minutes per day) you will experience truth, perseverance and develop a trust in Jesus Christ, that he is the deliverer of the only acceptable peace for your heart.

This form is simply designed so we may forward a copy of God's word to you, unless you make a further request, we will not contact you.

Tip: Begin a daily journal, be disciplined for at least 30-days, enter your daily activities, your feelings etc., keep in mind this journal is meant to be private, between you and God. After you have completed your first 30-days of bible reading, re-read your journal entries from the start to current day. I believe you will be amazed at how your thoughts begin to change, and the feeling of peace you are beginning to feel. God's word will change you, and it will change you in a positive way, you will begin to enjoy life so much more than you have previously.

May God Bless You.

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