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"Jeremiah 32:40 I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop doing good to them, and I will inspire them to fear me, so that they will never turn away from me."

Water Fixture Installation, Repairs & Service

Need A New Fixture Installed?

Plumbing fixtures are found throughout our homes and businesses, fixtures that will eventually require maintenance, or replacement due to the high demand we place on them. Fixtures are designed to hold water pressure at a standstill until we require water service, these fixtures depending on your location are designed to withstand water pressure up to 150 psi. Have you ever attempted to hold back 150 psi from a water pipe, or garden hose? Not and easy accomplishment without a little creativity, so my hat is off to the engineers who design these fixtures.

Fixtures are constructed utilizing multiple materials, from steel, plastics, seals, gaskets, springs and composites, all of which are wearable parts over a period of time. Dripping or leaking faucets may require seats to be changed to prevent the leak, or depending on the severity, if the insert collar has experienced corrosive pitting, typically caused by hard water, the entire faucet may require a replacement. If you are experiencing faucet issues, call or book online Angle Stop Plumbing to complete your faucet repair, faucet installation or faucet replacement, whatever the need we are here to serve you.

Kitchen Faucet Repair

Our knowledgeable experts are ready to give you a hand with any fixture repair, fixture replacement or fixture installation, contact us today at (615) 398-3048, or simply schedule us online.

When you take time to think about the number of fixtures required to construct our plumbing system, it is amazing the required number of parts and pieces required to keep everything flowing correctly. Take the kitchen for example, you will have a kitchen faucet, possibly a separate drinking faucet supplied by a reverse osmosis system tucked away under the cabinet, in that same cabinet more than likely there is a garbage disposal, water pipes angle stop valves, somewhere near the sink there will be a dishwasher and finally a refrigerator that includes an icemaker. Just in one room, there are many moving parts under the demand of our family or business associates, fixtures will fail. When they do, contact Angle Stop Plumbing, our family friendly technicians are experienced to complete garbage disposal repairs, garbage disposal installations, dishwasher installations and even a new sink installation.

Running a close second would be our bathrooms that contain shower/tub faucets, sink faucets and toilets. Depending on the number of occupants within the home or business, a bathroom can be tested to its limits daily. Shower/tub faucets can often times develop drips that require valve repairs, toilets can be frustrating when they refuse to flush and require parts. No matter the need for your bathroom our professional team is here to serve you, even if you are updating a bathroom with new fixtures. Our team will be honored to help with installing new toilets, installing shower fixtures, and updating vanity faucets.

That’s not all, remember the laundry room with water supply valves, washing machine hoses and in some cases gas valves, or the garage, utility room, attic or closet where a hot water heater is setup. Finally, outdoor faucets strategically installed around the perimeter of your property for ease of access.

Did you know each year water fixtures account for 90% of water damage caused to our homes and businesses? Why such a high percentage you might ask? May I speak freely here, lack of maintenance. Plumbing fixtures are utilized frequently every day, placing a lot of demand on the water fixture to perform during each use. Most fixtures have wear and tear parts, if not properly maintained they will surprise you with a fixture failure, usually resulting in a significant water spill. If your lucky, when they fail, someone will be present to quickly act by turning the water off, unfortunately most folks are away when a plumbing fixture fails resulting in a significant water loss. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or you hire a plumbing professional like Angle Stop Plumbing, fixture maintenance should not be ignored.

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