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Angle Stop Plumbing Delivering Peace of Mind

With Auto Shut Off Leak Detection

Water damage across the United States is the leading cause of property damage, additionally the costliest. If you are reading this, within your sphere of influence you probably know someone who has experienced a water damage property loss.

Water damage can be sudden such as a ruptured water pipe, appliance supply line, a broken sewer pipe or a flash flood. However, the most common is the slow hidden leaks migrating throughout your property underflooring, through wall cavities, and those hidden locations that are not visited very often.

Water damage claims can consistently exceed $10k dollars, not to mention the displacement of occupants for long periods of time, personal belongings damaged and reorganizing your life while repairs are being made. Not to mention the stress, the thought of do I have enough insurance to cover this loss? What will the insurance not cover?

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Leak detection devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and, at times can be confusing on which to choose. This is where contacting your local Angle Stop Plumbing representative can bring some clarity. However, simply put there are two type of leak detection auto-shut off devices.

Single Fixture Shutoff - These devices will shut water off in the event of water detected outside of the established parameters, unfortunately the question to ask is what about the remainder of my property. Well one might say, just add devices to all fixtures, easier said than done, this will carry a significant financial investment.

Whole House/Business Shutoff - These devices provide the best protection, however, with so many options there are only a few true leaders that will protect your property. There are so many systems that present well, unfortunately not all systems are manufactured with the parts that can sustain the elements contained with our water systems, resulting in a failure when the system is need the most. Spending time with your Angle Stop Plumbing representative will help you make an informed decision, schedule an appointment by calling Today!

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