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Veteran Owned Plumbing Company

"Jeremiah 32:40 I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop doing good to them, and I will inspire them to fear me, so that they will never turn away from me."

Thumbtack 5 Star Plumber

Billy Webb – Murfreesboro, TN

My shower faucet was dripping a lot, so much so the water department notified me of a potential water leak that was increasing my water bill. I figured since they sent me a letter it was time to get someone to come and take a look at it, I had called around to several plumbers, however when I reached Angle Stop Plumbing, they seemed so friendly and professional I scheduled an appointment with them, and I am glad I did. Not only did the tech repair the shower faucet, he also found a leak in the wall behind the toilet, he cut a small hole in the drywall and made the repair while he was there. From the time he arrived to the time he finished he was only at my house just a little over and hour, he might of been done quicker but we got talking about Navy stuff because he also served in the Navy. Anyway, I thought someone should know how great Angle Stop Plumbing is, they will be my first call if I have another plumbing issue.

John O’Clark – Smyrna, TN

I came home from work a few nights ago to a very retched smell, I could not find anything inside my house, and the longer I walked around the more it smelt like septic, so not knowing where to look I called Angle Stop Plumbing, they sent their technician out and he arrived in less than 2-hours. Once he arrived, very professional, he put on boot covers to even come in my house, he quickly noticed the smell as well. He asked if I had a crawlspace, and I explained yes, I did, he then asked if would be okay if he could enter the crawlspace to inspect the septic pipes, of course I said. So he went out to his truck and put on this alien looking suit and big ol face mask thing, he came back about 20-minutes later. The technician then took the time to show me photos of what happened, a T had separated on the septic line and has spilt some raw sewage in my crawlspace, he then explained to me the cost and provided me with several options. Angle Stop Plumbing was fantastic, quick to respond and very friendly to work with, not only that I learned later that most plumbers in the area would not clean up raw sewage before making a repair, however Angle Stop Plumbing was equipped to cleanup the mess and make the repair. I will be using these guys again, they were awesome.

5 Star Google Plumber
5 Star Thumbtack Plumber

Carrie O’Connell – Murfreesboro, TN

"I came home from the grocery and found water running out my garage door, I quickly noticed the hot water heater had ruptured and water was spraying everywhere from the side of the tank. My neighbor helped me get the water shut off, and then I began looking up plumbers who could help me on a Sunday afternoon, I called several before I got someone to answer, however they couldn't come till Tuesday. So, I tried a few more, then I reach Angle Stop Plumbing, not only were they friendly and professional their technician arrived within 45-minutes of me calling. The Technician inspected the hot water heater, and to my relief he found a hole in one of the flex lines that feed the hot water tank, he carried those on his truck, so he made the repair, and took the time to show me everything while he tested everything so that I could have peace. Angle Stop Plumbing was absolutely professional, responsive to my emergency, that got our water back on and working quickly, I would highly recommend Angle Stop Plumbing."

Deborah Harrell – Bell Buckle, TN

Not sure how I got so lucky to find such an amazing professional to help me with a toilet replacement, but within the space of a few hours from the initial contact, I had a new one installed.

Could not be happier! Will definitely have this company come back, as I have a lot of projects to do.

Quality 5 Star Plumber
5 Star Plumber Middle Tennessee

Heather Jenkins – Nashville, TN

Sink or Faucet Installation or Replacement

Jim was responsive and knowledgeable. He installed my kitchen plumbing and did a great job. I will be using him again in the future.

Jonathan Little - Murfreesboro, TN

Water Heater Repair or Maintenance

Needed a hot water flush and maintenance. I tried myself and couldn't get the job done. Jim got it done. He showed me loads of rust and will be installing a new water heater this weekend. I would not have known and this could have failed causing loads of damage. He showed me where my current setup is out of code and will be correcting that too. 5-stars

Nashville 5 Star Plumber
5 Star Plumber Brentwood

Alisa Rifredi - Nashville, TN

Great and speedy service! Was able to come the same day i called and finished in a short amount of time. He also showed me how to fix some issues with my disposal in the future to save me some money.

Jim Griffin - Mt Juliet, TN

Jim was awesome!! Will definitely recommend and use again. He was prompt, easy to work with and knowledgeable. Overall 5 stars.

5 Star Plumber Shelbyville
Mt Juliet 5 Star Plumber

Frank Saunders - Mt Juliet, TN

Got the water hammer problem cause correctly diagnosed and fixed.on time and a pleasure doing business with.

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